Challenge Humanity!

A gamified knowledge graph

Help out evolution of humanity: find any path connecting two topics, as fast as you can.

Trust your own way of thinking - experience making sense of new information, whatever your background is.

Try different level of difficulties: from easy-peasy (two topics are very close to each other), to kick-ass-jedi (two topics are far away, yet you grasp and pull them together).

How to play

Click on a node to visualize its context, or click on articles' hyperlinks to select nodes to add. Guess which direction to take and reach your goal. Help yourself: quickly overview excerpts or read through articles, unleash your fantasy to walk through the secrets of Mankind's Knowledge.

If you feel need for a tip, ask to AI 'Awesome3' for one of possible suggestions in your quest.
For a closer look and test an alpha-version of knowledge discovery between two topics, access the forbidden forest and ask to AwesomeTree sciaman. Ok, forget convoluted sentences: enter in the Hack room :)

When you're done, engage your friends in a #ChainLetterKnowledge : connects world knowledge beyond roots, beliefs and breakthroughs.