We create multi-disciplinary platforms to accelerate innovation and discovery of new knowledge.

Accelerate your entry in new knowledge fields.

Contextual Research Platforms allow to explore the context of complex systems: they help to research, communicate and divulge.

Platforms are powered by discovery engines: multi-partite knowledge networks specific to one or more interconnected domains. Network science models organise relationships between multi-disciplinary areas, mapping their topology as knowledge landscapes. Artificial intelligence models infer new connections between entities. A user experience designed to expedite research allows to harness AI suggestions, guiding the discovery of new fields from the point of view and background of a Person.

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We plan the use of technology for digital transformation, ideation of products and services informed by values of sustainability and inclusivity.

Innovation Strategy.

We envision and plan use of technology to map, integrate, uncover industrial knowledge networks.
We use data science to inquire on drivers of change, and visual communication to show what happens.
We embrace human centered design to put models and prototypes into production and to create value by mapping people’s behaviour on to tech opportunities.

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We research and develop data-driven models to maximise information gain and minimise negative externalities contributed to ecosystems.


Abundance or Collapse - are we living in a world thriving for exponential sci-tech opportunities or in a world threated by exponential depletion of resources and human capital ?

We are driven by values of sustainability, innovation and inclusion and we advocate for a new approach in creating and transfer value, able to engender cutting edge innovation and, at the same time, lower negative externalities on inequality and consequent use of resources.

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