Sustainability, Innovation, Inclusion

Our values are sustainability, innovation, inclusion: they reflect our motivation to find an answer for balancing human progress with ecosystems’ resilience.

  • Sustainability, as a feedback mechanism to balance how resources are used to compute innovation and complexity.
  • Innovation, as a novelty respect to what is existing respect to a certain context.
  • Inclusion, as a governance to democratise access to capital-driven innovation - no matter of cultural traits as gender, race, religions, to fitness for a particular cultural aesthetics.

Abundance or Collapse ?

Human activities are driven by curiosity and the needs to cope with life: even with good intentions, human behaviour often carries externalities. On one hand there are expansion and more opportunities for us, on the other hand there are environmental pollution and less opportunities for people who “do not belong to us”.

A world thriving for exponential sci-tech opportunities or a world threated by exponential depletion of resources and human capital ?

1910s - Abundance or Collapse?

1910s was characterised by exponential acceleration of technology, humankind was able to fly. Meanwhile, the International Labour Organisation was founded, introducing 48-hours week limit to counter unemployment and exploitation of female and minor-aged workforce.

1910s - Abundance or Collapse?

1920s was characterised by cutting edge technology, like the rise of car industry and a well-being captured by the Bélle Epoque. Meanwhile, return of capital accrued by capital-intensive tech was shaping the wealth inequality distribution in such a way vast chunks of population were struggling to survive.

2010s - Abundance or Collapse?

2010s are characterised by exponential acceleration of technology, humankind has now computational power to outperform human tasks out of artificial intelligence. A robotic puppet equipped with natural language processing capabilities was granted citizenship. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the heart of high-tech Silicon Valley, 1 person out of 100 is homeless, with poor or no representation (art. 1 Declaration of Human Rights).

2020s - Abundance or Collapse?

2020s are marked by what was forecasted one century ahead: climatic change. While creating digital, virtual, artificial and synthetic experiences which are mainstreamed with business models exploring network effects (influncer marketing, 10x-return rule-of-thumb), humankind is responsible of planetary exinction of living species. Pollution is the byproduct for production, consumption and waste patterns with no regulatory mechanism on scarcity of resources. About 200 Million people are espected to migrate in the next decades. National wealth inequality are reaching again the levels of 1900s. Global wealth inequality is distributed so that 8 people own 50% of total Earth’s population wealth. The new meme “post-capitalism” is starting to circulate as a demand of a new kind of economics.

The link between abundance or collapse is how available resources are organised to create complexity: we elaborate on economics as a technology, and advocate for a new approach able to engender cutting edge innovation and, at the same time, to lower the negative externalities on environmental and human resources affected by inequality.

We aim to reflet this approach in our working ethic.
We think of technology as a tool enabling for more interesting options, not as an answer per se.
We use science and human centered design to explore for new slants on what we know, and cater for new options.
We aim to appreciate the unique human capital represented by each person we work for or collaborate with, and want our actions to create benefits for stakeholders and ecosystems that are not necessarily involved in a monetary transaction.

Motivational Talks and Activities devised by science and empathy

We engaged technical and public audiences at applied research conferences, entrepreneurial summits and global innovation challenges.
We shared our vision about information and value in knowledge networks, about the role that capital and technologies have in economics networks and their side-effects on societies and natural resources.

We can foster a positive dialogue to divulge and debate on technologies, their use and the models adopted to generate and distribute value, enriching the conversation with historical comparisons between époques characterised by technological expansion, and with insights about ecology, anthropology, innovation and resource management, network science, econo-physics.

Do you want to enrich events with talks and practical activities related to innovation, sustainability, inclusion as challenges and opportunities for Tomorrow ?

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