Planning the use of technology - thing big, do it well.

Innovation and Tech Strategy

We plan use of technology and science in products, services and prototypes.

Singularity University - Decentralise Access to Capital.

Singularity University - Intervention on making use of tech to decentralise access to capital. Reducing the entrepreneurial cost to innovate and balance negotiation power for a better use of available resources.

Hello Tomorrow - Portable Discovery Engines.

Hello Tomorrow Summit - Top-5 at Global Innovation challenge, and then ambassador scouting for award-winning teams in sci-tech driven entrepreneurship.

KnowEscape - Knowledge Graphs mapping industrial landscapes.

European Cooperation in Science and Technology - KnowEscape : mapping knowledge landscapes. Intervention on Discovery Engines (knowledge networks models for information retrieval) and applications for contextual research.

People and ecosystems

We aim to engage stakeholders in innovation processes and create experiences centered on people: customers as well as beneficiaries, depending on their activities, working and social context.
We can adopt design thinking methods and human centered design principles to understand the benefits on behalf of a target audience.

Research approaches

We can implement a mix of qualitiative and quantitative research.

We can commit to desktop research as literature and market research studies, as well as on-field methods like etnographic observations, target groups, administration of questionnairs and A/B tests, to understand why people behave and manifest preferences in a certain way.

We can commit to quantitative approaches like statistical and data-science models on structured or unstructured data, natural language, topological measures on networks, coarse-grained models, regressions, forecasting of timeseries and neural nets to harness automation processes and to understand how complex systems evolve (sometimes in spite of cultural beliefs).


Human Centered Design

We support business processes with needs accessment to map behaviour on to tech functionalities; understand tech requirements and manage end-to-end innovation processes.

Data-science, Prototyping, Products

We support innovation processes with: prototypes; design and architecture of products and services; data-science models and data-driven backends; agile management in design and software development; preparation of project proposals and follow up with project life-cycle methods.

Digital Transformation

We advice on innovation strategy and engage with best entrepreneurial networks to procure opportunities for creative visionairs and high-performing teams, aiming for social and environmental impact.

We interpret trends, capabilities and limits of technology to envision new ideas of products and businesses. We think in systems, to give particular attention to how a business model impacts “on the others”.